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The h&g automation equipment has provided more than 1000 enterprises with the capacity to upgrade solutions!
The company automation
H&g automation is a system development enterprise dedicated to research and development, fluid application and non-standard solutions. The main parts of its products are precision pump valve, linear motor, servo guide rail, polymer mineral casting, optical component and other basic domain products. In terms of fluid control, high-speed dispensing, precision spraying, uv curing technology, plasma cleaning process, has been serving the smartphone encapsulation, 3 d touch screen technology, camera module, fingerprint module, semiconductors, and other market segments
  • Founded in 2008
  • Products are used in 10 industries
  • 1000+CUSTOMER
  • The annual output can be over 3000
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China's up to 20+ technical support network, perfect marketing service network, close to provide your services.
  • China. Guangdong. Shenzhen
  • China. Shanghai
  • China, zhejiang
  • China, suzhou
  • Changsha, China
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